Litter wardens retrenched

The litter wardens received their letters on Wednesday and took the matter to the National Union of Government and Federated Workers, (NUGFW).

Newsday understands that litter wardens attached to the Tunapuna Regional Corporation are the only ones, yet to receive their letters of termination.

One of the disgruntled litter wardens who was terminated contacted Newsday yesterday and said the letter stated that although they have been terminated, they will be paid for attending court, but their jobs will no longer continue to exist until the restructuring is completed.

The litter warden said that he has been employed for the last ten years, and never thought that his job will be terminated at this time when the country is in a recession.

He said it is now difficult to secure employment, and he is unsure how he will be able to meet his financial needs.

Yesterday, Carl St Rose, Deputy Director of Industrial Relations at the NUGFW led some of the displaced litter wardens in a protest outside Kent House in Maraval hoping to meet with Minister of Local Government, Franklyn Khan.

However, Khan was attending Cabinet and could not meet with the litter wardens who said they will continue their action until they meet with the Minister to explain their circumstances.

They are hoping to have an audience with Minister Khan so they can voice their opinion and ask that the restructuring takes place within a reasonable time frame and their jobs be returned to them.

The litter wardens added that it is frightening to lose jobs at this time, and they are hoping that good sense will prevail, and they are even reassigned other duties.

They added while they are aware that the country is facing a recession, they are also hoping that on humanitarian grounds they are re-employed so they can take care of their families in these trying times.


"Litter wardens retrenched"

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