London protest against Tim Kee

The group – including novelist Monique Roffey and film-maker Karen Martinez – held bright pink placards outside No. 42 Belgrave Square, London. “Misogyny is Vulgar” said one. “Chauvinist Mayor Resign Now”; and “Still Not Asking for It”, said others. Yet another said, “Visitors to Trinidad and Tobago Beware Bikinis Can Kill”. One group member flung a bra in the air.

The group delivered a letter, addressed to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, the PNM political leader, calling on Rowley to take action in relation to the PNM Mayor.

“As citizens of Trinidad & Tobago, based in London, we are writing because we are very disturbed by the views coming out of your offices,” the group writes.

“It is outrageous that someone in such high office could make a statement of such insensitivity....

This is victim blaming and it is not acceptable.” The group further states the purported apology of the Mayor was, “not an apology” but simply, “a further misogynistic attack”.

“As if this wasn’t enough, you, the Prime Minister, add insult to injury by saying that you have no intention of firing the mayor,” the group states.

“We believe that the vulgar behaviour on show is actually from Mayor Raymond Tim Kee. As a public official his words are unacceptable and we are therefore asking for his immediate removal from office.” Martinez yesterday told Newsday, “We turned up just before 2pm but they said they were closed and then refused to open the door for us so we had to post the letter through the box instead and then just stood outside and did our thing.”


"London protest against Tim Kee"

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