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Monday 27 May 2019
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Columnist O’Callaghan buried

INSTEAD of a eulogy, Susanne Jones, along with family members of Marion Elise O’Callaghan who died on March 2, paid homage to the 85-year-old columnist and sociologist, by telling mourners how she came to be known to her family as “Cutie”. O’Callaghan recounted the origin of her pet name, in her unfinished memoirs, according to Jones. She said she encouraged O’Callaghan in her later years to write at least 25 pages during the week for her autobiography.

Jones noted that she unfortunately died before the work was completed.

According to the story, her pet name was given to her by a relative named Lance. He had been a very unfortunate person after his mother passed away, so much so that O’Callaghan’s mother referred to him as “Poor Lance”. One Christmas, “Poor Lance” came to her mother’s home to collect a cake.

While O’Callaghan was outside riding her new tricycle, which she got as a Christmas gift, he came to collect his cake.

“What a cutie!” Lance exclaimed, then went on to write a poem called “Cutie on the red bicycle”.

From then on she was called “Cutie” by her family members and close friends.

Jones, in her contribution, said she would miss the conversations and the connection she had with O’Callaghan.

She said “Cutie” greatly influenced her thinking and her life, through the conversations they had, and the articles that were shared among the two. Yesterday, at St Theresa’s Church in Woodbrook, friends, family and loved ones paid their final respects to O’Callaghan, a scholar, a stalwart member of the Catholic Church and a Newsday columnist.

O’Callaghan was a columnist who was featured in the Monday issue of the Newsday.

Born in 1934, she had written two publications, Pan Beat, published in 1973 and J’ouvert Morning, published in 1976. She also served as a Director of Social Science Programmes, for UNESCO in Paris, from 1965 to 1990.


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