Carmona takes Argentina ambassador to school

The President was addressing students of the Buenos Ayres Government Primary school, Buenos Ayres village, Erin yesterday.

And with outgoing Argentine Ambassador, Marcelo Salviolo, who has visited the school which bears the name of the Argentina capital, Buenos Aires, on a regular basis, also in the audience, Carmona said he too had come from humble beginnings and had attained the highest position in the land.

“Before I became President, I was just like you, going to a primary school in a cocoa field, in Santa Flora. But through hard work and through education, I was able to become what I am today being a former prosecutor and a former judge and now President,” Carmona said.

“I am not waving my flag here, I want you to believe in yourself because you are capable of doing the same thing that I did and even greater,” he said.

Carmona said the school’s teachers were similar to those of developed countries such as Canada as they taught differently abled students with regular students.

“The fact that among your numbers, the teachers teach differently abled children in the same classroom and that is rarity.

Do you all know, for example, that you are doing what first world countries, specifically Canada, are doing by ensuring that those persons who are differently abled enjoy the same environment, the same education, the same compassion as someone who is able,” Carmona said.

Meanwhile, Salviolo, described his tour of duty in Trinidad and Tobago as a “wonderful experience” having learned about the islands customs and cultures.

“It was a wonderful time for me. I learned a lot about your twin island Republic, your wonderful country and your people, the diversity, the customs, the cultures for instance in this wonderful school, the Buenos Ayers Government Primary School,” Salviolo said.

Asked about his favourite moments, he said: “It is going to be a long list but one of those is (the opportunity) to share with the children here, year after year, and to show them some things about Argentina.”


"Carmona takes Argentina ambassador to school"

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