Carmona hails late PM’s vision

“As a statesman and politician of some 41 years,” Carmona said, Manning executed his responsibilities with genuine care and love for the nation’s peoples.

People from all walks of life, he said, “have been progressively and affirmatively touched by his life, his legacy, his work ethic and his vision for a greater and better (TT).” Manning’s “Caribbeanness”, he said, “was beyond question and very dear to his heart. He was a firm believer in Caribbean integration” and his death was a monumental loss to the Caribbean as it was to TT.

Carmona who telephoned Manning wife, Hazel at their home in Sumadh Gardens, Vistabella, San Fernando spoke at length with her and son, David. He expressed words of comfort, peace and prayer at the family’s personal and the nation’s “great loss.” Carmona prayed that Almighty God grant solace to the entire family circle including son, Brian, who was out of the country.


"Carmona hails late PM’s vision"

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