Carmona: Consider families of crime victims

The President was speaking as he appointed a new member of the Mercy Committee, Master Ralph Doyle.

“It is so important that you all contact the victims themselves or the families of the victims,” Carmona said. “It is important to be empathetic to the families of the victims.” He noted trauma can be re-opened when persons are set free after a long period served for a crime.

New committee member Doyle was unable to say immediately if a recent call for pardon of prisoners whose, remand has already exceeded their maximum sentence, was a matter within the Mercy Committee’s jurisdiction.

“I am not certain, but the point is this. It is a committee.

It will be something which the committee will have to deal with should it come there,” he said.

“I think at the end of the day what one has to do is to deal with it objectively and fairly.”


"Carmona: Consider families of crime victims"

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