Dumas: Rowley’s health is no private matter

Rowley left Trinidad last Thursday for California, in the United States, for what has turned out to be a vacation/ health check up .

It was reported that Rowley, 66, was scheduled to check into a clinic today (Monday) to undergo required tests .

Speaking to the Newsday, yesterday, Dumas said that with Rowley being the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, his health was a matter of concern to citizens .

“Dr Rowley is the Prime Minister and the health of the Prime Minister, who that happens to be, has to be a matter of concern to the population. I fully appreciate his dealing with a private mater .

The point is while you occupy such a position in this country or any other country, your health is no longer a private matter because it can have an impact on a number of things .

“Including the way that the international agencies or possible foreign investors would see the country .

“If they feel the Prime Minister is not well, should we put our money there?” Dumas noted .

He said while he appreciated Rowley wanting to treat his health privately, Dumas said the PM should issue a message to the citizens .

“I have to say that he doesn’t have to go into any details, but once he gets his tests and he gets his diagnosis, he should tell us whether things are all right, or if they are not all right .

“If they are all right, no problem, I am happy to hear that. If they are not all right, he doesn’t have to go into any details, but he can say doctors discovered a particular situation or condition and I would need further treatment,” Dumas said .

Rowley’s health issue comes on the heels on the death on former prime minister Patrick Manning who died on July 2 .

Manning had been hospitalised since June, 2016, after he suffered a stroke .

Only one day before his passing on July 1st, 2016, it was revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer, acute myeloid leukaemia. This was announced by his widow, Hazel Manning .

“I guess I understand Dr Rowley’s desire to be private, but Dr Rowley is the Prime Minister .

“When you are the Prime Minister, unfortunately you don’t have too much privacy, you are very much in public life and therefore a statement, however carefully phrased, should be made once the medical tests have been completed,” Dumas said .


"Dumas: Rowley’s health is no private matter"

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