PM’s relatives: Routine check-up

However, London told Newsday yesterday that if the health of the prime minister is such that it affects the performance of his duties, then there is a responsibility for the nation to be aware of such.

“If the situation surrounding his health is merely routine health check-ups, then it is not necessary for any public figure to be giving the nation a running update,” London said.

Meanwhile, relatives living in Mason Hall, Tobago say they too have no information at this time on the state of Rowley’s health.

One relative expressed that it has to be a routine examination otherwise some information would have been passed if it concerned something more critical.

The relative said Rowley, as far as they are aware, is visiting a relative, Judy Brandy Yoho in Los Angeles.

Newsday was told that Yoho and Rowley are first cousins as they are children of a brother and a sister. This paper was also told that Yoho is not a nurse.

The relative stated that Rowley has been doing his routine checkups as opposition leader and there were never any headlines. So this development seems to be blown out of proportion.

There are calls from some members of the society for Rowley to come clean on his health.

Rowley left Trinidad last Thursday for the United States, for what has turned out to be a vacation / health checkup.

It was reported that the 66-year-old Rowley was scheduled to check into a clinic yesterday to undergo required tests.

Former ambassador and head of the Public Service, Reginald Dumas, also believes that Rowley should let the nation know what is happening with him.

Dumas believes that the health of the prime minister was a matter of concern to citizens.

“The point is while you occupy such a position in this country or any other country, your health is no longer a private matter because it can have an impact on a number of things,” Dumas said.

“When you are the prime minister, unfortunately you don’t have too much privacy. You are very much in public life and therefore a statement, however carefully phrased, should be made once the medical tests have been completed.”


"PM’s relatives: Routine check-up"

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