Carmona calls for Indian drug companies in TT

Carmona told the new high commissioner at a ceremony at President’s House. “I have seen the phenomenal growth of the pharmaceutical industry in India. I have, in fact, nationally mentioned it. But no one is biting. And I feel it is an area that certainly you can engage those responsible in the relevant ministries about the possibility of having pharmaceutical companies in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The President said there would be need to engage the appropriate patent, copyright and intellectual rights agencies. The pharmaceutical industry in India ranks third in the world in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value. Carmona also said the country and the region might gain from India in the field of cricket. “we probably need a little help in our cricket,” Carmona said. “we could probably use the services of Robin singh.” (Trinidad-born singh played for the India national team and coaches India Premier League team Mumbai Indians and the Barbados Tridents in the Caribbean Premier League.) The President noted the role of Indian businessmen in CPL teams.

“There is a lot of wonderful synergy going on,” he said. He also called for cooperation on measures to encourage micro-enterprises. Dey said both countries have much in common. “we both share a vibrant democracy, respect for human rights, an independent Judiciary and press,” Dey said.

Saying he grew up in a rural village, he added, “we are lucky to come from a country where we have equal opportunity.” Bey’s previous postings include Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and Palestine. Carmona made a call for more citizens to speak several languages. “If we are serious about pushing ourselves we must learn Mandarin, we must learn Hindi, and every single person should be speaking Spanish in Trinidad and Tobago,” the President said. He said diplomats are the unsung peacemakers of the world. “sometimes you see them in cocktail parties clinking glasses, but it is very hard work,” he said.


"Carmona calls for Indian drug companies in TT"

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