Carmona: TT doing little to preserve its heritage

Carmona was speaking at a book launch by noted local historian, Angelo Bissessarsingh, at the Gulf City Shopping Complex, La Romaine on Thursday evening.

The book is titled “Virtual glimpses into the past - snapshots of the history of Trinidad and Tobago.” Describing Bissessarsingh as a “downright exceptional” person, Carmona said he was in full agreement with local historian, Dr Brinsley Samaroo, who expressed a “sense of tacit exasperation about a country that continues to allow its birthright to deteriorate in many forms and fashion.” “Yes, ours is a tale of obscurity, a tale that makes us wonder why we are not doing more than we are doing to save our heritage.

“A heritage that is found in the backyards and the alleys of small little towns and villages throughout Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

“Because I can tell you since I have, in fact, been going around and driving around in the back of a car I am able to see a different picture of Trinidad and Tobago and I have seen all those old houses, those old bridges that you speak of, that you write of, that you have told us about in far off places, not connected or related to Port of Spain, but in Erin, in Rancho Quemado, in Manzanilla, in Tabaquite,” Carmona said.

He lamented that both Samaroo and Bissessarsingh were “prophets in a land that engages in tales of obscurity” and applauded Bissessarsingh’s fighting spirit since being diagnosed with terminal cancer saying he, Carmona, would continue to pray for him.

“You have been an inspiration to me,’ Carmona said.

Also in attendance were San Fernando Mayor, Kazim Hosein and Monsignor Christian Pereira.


"Carmona: TT doing little to preserve its heritage"

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