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Monday 20 August 2018
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Photos of AG’s kids send wrong message

THE EDITOR: Apparently Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and Prof Rhoda Bharath have not fully grasped the gravity of the photographs of two teenagers in training with high-powered weapons, exposed by MP Dr Roodal Moonilal during the Budget debate.

Their spin to deflect the implications of the images is perhaps the reason why the Government does not have a handle on the escalating crime situation in the country.

I don’t know when it would have been the right time for Moonilal to expose this double standard among our leaders. If these images were of any ordinary citizen the police would have launched an immediate investigation aimed at apprehending the teenagers and their parents.

Indeed, the Children’s Authority would have also moved swiftly to lend its support to the police. But sadly, both the police and the Children’s Authority are silent.

Apart from the illegal action of the teenagers, as explained by Moonilal, the images sent a wrong message to a population under siege by criminal activities.

Are they also entitled to go into weapons training as our two privileged teenage friends? I am disappointed that the Prime Minister did not call out the issue for what it is — a dangerous infraction of the law. If he did not have the courage to do so he should have shut his mouth in Parliament.

And contrary to Bharath’s analysis on TV6’s morning programme, the Opposition did have some high points in the Budget debate.

HARRY PARTAP via email


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