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Sunday 18 August 2019
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PM: TT keeping ‘close eye’ on Trump’s deportation plan

PRIME MINISTER Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said Government is keeping “a very close eye” on US President-elect Donald Trump’s statement that he plans to deport some three million undocumented immigrants from the US, after he assumes office in January.

The Prime Minister made the comment to reporters during a walkabout in St Joseph in support of People’s National Movement (PNM) Valsayn/St Joseph candidate Marcia Chan Pack.

Rowley said if some of those people are TT citizens and they are deported, “we just have to absorb them back home.” He admitted this would not be a good situation for the country but “it’s not something we have any control over.” He added, “We don’t have too much say in that.

“We are just hoping that does not become US policy.” Reiterating that the Government has been “keeping our eyes on the development in the politics in America,” Rowley said, “We have citizens all over the world and we have a large number in the United States.” The Prime Minister said while there is a view there might be some “backing away” from Trump’s statement, some people “may return on their own if the circumstances in America change, America becomes less friendly and less the land of opportunity.” Should any TT nationals residing in the US decide to return home, Rowley said, “We have to ensure that we absorb them and they become part of where they came from.” In cases where such people have no families in TT, the Prime Minister said, “that does not change the fact that they are TT citizens, so they will just have to integrate themselves into homes here.” Rowley said this was not just a matter of TT nationals returning home but also the case of people in this country who depend on or who are supported by remittances from relatives living in the US.

He added that this could put additional pressure on our situation.


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