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Wednesday 16 October 2019
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PSI-Caribbean & ANSA McAl partner to help prevent gender-based violence in TT

The Caribbean division of Population Services International (PSI), PSI-Caribbean, has partnered with the ANSA McAl Group of Companies (ANSA McAl) in a national initiative to help prevent gender-based violence (GBV).

The partnership will include interventions in schools, offices and vulnerable communities.

Through its “Make It STOP - Gender-Based Violence Prevention Project in Trinidad and Tobago”, PSI-Caribbean is seeking to contribute to the reduction of the prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and to ensure the health and safety of women and girls experiencing IPV.

The project will be implemented in collaboration with local partners such as ANSA McAl.

To address IPV in real and concrete ways, “Make It STOP” will seek to: 1) Increase access to quality, comprehensive GBV services and support for women and girls experiencing violence; 2) Transform negative gender norms among youth and their families; 3) Cultivate community- based approaches to preventing GBV; 4) Support the creation of an enabling environment for the uptake of GBV services; and 5) Increase public awareness and advocacy for a concerted national response to GBV.

Speaking at the announcement of the partnership earlier this month; during a celebration of ANSA McAl’s 135th anniversary at the Queen’s Park Oval, Port-of-Spain, Group Chairman A Norman Sabga said the decision to sponsor the PSI project, Make it STOP, was inspired by the Group’s responsibility to be protectors of the nation’s daughters, mothers and sisters.

PSI-Caribbean said that in referring to the scourge of violence against women and the disappearance of others, Sabga declared his company must be a catalyst for positive change and transformation.

Senior Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean, PSI (Global), Julia Roberts, also spoke about the partnership. “PSI recognises the incredible impact of public private partnerships – harnessing leadership, vision and lasting commitment.

ANSA McAL has now joined the ranks of our global corporate partners and together we will make meaningful progress to Make it STOP,” Roberts stated.

PSI-Caribbean said, “It is to the credit of Mr Sabga and his Group that they would take such a leadership response to such a critical issue. PSI is a global health network that has decades of experience in conducting many social initiatives related to women’s health and welfare. Partnering with such an influential Group as ASNA McAl will go a long way towards mounting a substantial response required to create a positive impact.” PSI-Caribbean’s Executive Director, Marina Hilaire-Bartlett, commenting on the partnership, said the company “believes in the power of the collective when like minds come together to face issues that affect our nation, our communities, and those we love.” “We stand in solidarity with the various other entities and individuals who work towards ending this scourge in our nation. We are therefore deeply pleased to partner with ANSA McAL to join forces in facing the issue of GBV head on.

Kudos to you Mr Sabga for your compassionate and sincere leadership,” Hilaire-Bartlett said.


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