Chaguanas deputy mayor among passengers

In a post on Facebook in Shazana’s name read: “Shazana Mohammed was feeling frustrated with Faaiq Mohammed in Mission Bay, Florida. Totally disgusted by Caribbean Airlines and the way they handled this Ft Lauderdale incident. They are not accommodating and willing to assist passengers to get home quickly. Total lack of information and communication. Furthermore no one at the airport has any information on where lost luggage can be found. Officials responsible for the collection of luggage are totally clueless as to where they are and when they can be picked up. This is so frustrating,” read one of the posts.

Since the tragedy the couple has been keeping family and friends updated via Facebook. On Friday, the deputy mayor wrote: “All Praise due to Almighty God... My Family and I were evacuated safely at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport... today’s event was the scariest we had to face...” Shazana wrote: “Scariest day of my life. Never thought I’d have to drop to floor while gunshots echoed, cover my head then literally run for my life among hundreds of people. My life flashed before me. #grateful #thankyou- God” Flights have since resumed out of the airport but it was reported that the terminal where the tragedy took place remain closed.

Contacted yesterday by Newsday about comments posted by Shazana and shared by the Deputy Mayor, CAL’s Head Corporate Communications Dionne Ligoure said she was unable to comment.

Ligoure said: “I am not in a position to do so as I don’t have the information but it is something I would have to look into.”.

The shooter, a former National Guard soldier from Alaska has since been charged with the crime and could face the death penalty if convicted. According to reports coming out of Fort Lauderdale, the attack on Friday sent panicked persons scampering out of the terminal and spilling onto the tarmac, baggage in hand. Others, reports stated hid in bathroom stalls or crouched behind cars or anything else they could find as police and paramedics rushed in to help the wounded and establish whether there were any other gunmen on the compound.

Newsday spoke to Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodhan who said he has been in contact with his colleague since the incident.

Boodhan said: “He told me of his experience. You know these are things you see in the movies you never know how you will react when you are actually there.” He said he knew the Mohammeds’ were having challenges returning home because of the disruption in flights.


"Chaguanas deputy mayor among passengers"

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