6 of TT’s finest get President’s Medal

Priya Maraj and Raquel Le Blanc were awarded the President’s Medal (Gold) for Higher Education in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) 2016, while Nejev Polo received the President’s Medal (Gold) for the most outstanding student at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSE C) 2016.

At the primary school level, Caitlin Brooker, who topped the country with the highest marks in the 2016 Secondary Entrance Assessment examination, received the President’s Medal for Primary Education (Gold), while Sharnavi Sagramsingh and Michael Beepath were awarded with the President’s Medals (Silver).

President Anthony Carmona congratulated the students saying that theirs was a hard fought battle on a road that was winding and uncertain. And yet, they persevered.

“You must not forget and become complacent, but utilise this experience and education in the field of your studies. As the next generation of leaders, it is your duty and responsibility to become critical thinkers. Even at this tender age, engender yourselves to the philosophy of objectivity,” he said.

He urged them to do the right thing even when nobody was looking, and even when it is not the most popular decision.

“In this country of ours, critical thinking is not given the credence that it is ought to be. Sometimes you will stand alone in your resolve to make well informed, well researched and unbiased contributions to our country,” the President said.

Quoting that, “a child is only one loving parent away from success”, Carmona said it was a parent’s job to carry the persona they wished their child to emulate.


"6 of TT’s finest get President’s Medal"

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