Live brass with K2K

Held at their showroom located at 22 Oleander Row, Victoria Gardens, Diego Martin, the event attracted supporters of the K2K brand in spite of some inclement weather, and featured complimentary music, food and drinks.

The cooler-lime started at 6 pm and ended at midnight, with patrons enjoying a wide repertoire of music from the B2W, including the smash hit single from Maximus Dan and the Ultimate Rejects, “Full Extreme”.

A spokesperson for the band said: “Live brass is a special feature of the band’s 2017 presentation and will be provided by Brass 2 The World”, which is a newly-minted, live brass band, that aims to bring brass back to the road… Brass 2 The World is led by Bert Marcellin – son of the iconic bandleader and musician, Mano Marcellin, and features a 13-member orchestra, complete with a line-up of vibrant frontline singers, including Heaven “Snakey” Charles, Edwin “Ejay”’ Charles, Keisha Stewart, Whitney Cephas and Russel Cadogan.

K2K’s 2017 Carnival band is titled At The Helm and it aims to tell an empowering story of the individual becoming metaphorically, the Captain of his or her ship and by extension, his or her life.

The portrayal comprises three clusters: Aquaria – representing the creatures of the Sea, Nautica – representing Fancy Sailors and Waterworld – representing the Ocean and Seas.

Each cluster, in turn comprises several sections with appropriate names such as “Fighter”, “Glow” and “Gold Fish” in the Fishes Cluster; sophisticated fancy sailors in the Nautica Cluster and lavishly- crafted creatures in the Waterworld Cluster.

At The Helm is a portrayal that reflects the challenges which individuals face as they navigate the stormy waters of their lives and the unfolding revelations of their character and mettle during the journey.

The band will hit the road with a profusion of colour and magnificent costuming. Spectators can expect to see gold and fighter fish with flamboyant dorsal fins, high-fashion fancy sailors with replica sailboats on their shoulders and watery creatures of the deep carrying ten-foot wings made from silk fabric dyed to represent the ebb and flow of the sea.

“As a band, K2K Alliance and Partners appeals to the discerning masquerader who is looking for a portrayal that is rooted in a distinct, unique and memorable story, as told through breathtaking costumes and a memorable mas playing experience,” the organisation said in a release to the media.

“Band members can look forward to yet another compelling experience in 2017 – complete with the K2K style that has become synonymous with fun, fashion and flamboyance,” the release said.

For more info: visit the K2K Alliance and Partners Mas Camp, 637-1668, 767-9655 or www.


"Live brass with K2K"

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