Angelo’s final goodbye

“Today I do believe that Angelo lives on through all the works that he did,” she said, recommending that his books be used in schools throughout the country.

“In that way we can continue to enjoy and we can continue to learn more about ourselves and our history,” she said at Bissessarsingh’s funeral service at Belgrove’s Crematorium, Coffee Street, San Fernando, yesterday. Bissessarsingh was her nephew-in-law.

Also speaking at the funeral service, where hundreds turned out to say their final goodbyes, was Rural Development and Local Government Minister, Kazim Hosein, who noted that Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, has spoken to Bissessarsingh’s father, Rudolph and given him the assurance that the government would “do what is necessary’ to ensure his son’s legacy continued long after his death.

Hosein said if he was still San Fernando Mayor, he would rename the San Fernando Library after the late historian. Bissessarsingh died of terminal pancreatic cancer at the age of 34 on February 2.

Also eulogising Bissessarsingh, President Anthony Carmona described him as a “burning bright light in our national darkness.” “For the past few weeks, it has been a rough time for us in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago...

The human tragedies that have occurred of man’s inhumanity to man...From the murder of young student Rachel Ramkissoon, to Keston Collins, of the Coast Guard, losing everyone, two young sons and his living wife, and now Angelo, a burning bright light in our national darkness,’ he said.

“He was a national treasure, a searching intellect, touching the hearts of this Republic and the wider world. We are gathering here to mourn, to grieve, because to grieve and mourn we must, but Angelo left us something, that someone can make a real difference,’ Carmona added.

“That cherub smile of his that would warm up and light up a room, we will never forget, he taught us all that in an exceptional short life that you can do exceptional things, to make that difference,” Carmona said, adding, “Life is not about the quantity of years one lives but of the quality of life you live in those years.” He said the Office of the President bought scores of Bissessarsingh’s books to present as gifts to foreign diplomats and schoolchildren. “We have quietly bought scores and scores of his books and I have been presenting those books for the last year and a half to diplomats and to school children,’ he said.

Bissessarsingh’s father, Rudolph said his viewed his son’s funeral as very solemn and historic.

“I do not share laughter at this point in my heart, for which of you have asked of the Father a bread and have been given a stone, I have been given a stone,’ he said.


"Angelo’s final goodbye"

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