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Sunday 18 November 2018
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Residents block roads in Todd’s Rd protest

RESIDENTS of Todd’s Road, Caparo, yesterday blocked roads as they protested the lack of water in the area.

They said for the last month they have only received water once a week and they criticised their Member of Parliament, Maxie Cuffie, for not assisting.

“It came this morning and it gone already. Our tanks are empty and the people are fed up. Our MP has not been in the community for months.

The two councillors were here this morning.

Why can’t he find himself here? This is a community he was born and raised in and he made promises to us,” one woman said.

Councillor for the Caparo/Mamoral district, John Lezama, said it has been a long time residents have had to face these water problems.

“The residents come out here to vent their frustration with the tardiness of the authorities in dealing with matters like this. Why every time on Sunday I have to call WASA to see if we could get water? The people would be satisfied if they could get water two, three times for the week but when you getting water once a week and only in the night, it coming in drips.

That is not satisfactory,” he said.

Councillor for Longdenville/ Talparo, Ryan Rampersad, said Cuffie contacts WASA regularly to ensure the residents get a water supply but there has not been any major improvement.

“We still get very low pressure when the MP contacts WASA. School reopened today and the children haven’t had water all weekend. This is a rural community and there are a lot of poor families and they can’t afford to purchase water all the time so something really needs to be done,” he said.


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