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Sunday 18 November 2018
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Hinds promises water relief

PUBLIC Utilities Minister Fitzgerald Hinds was confident that residents in certain parts of South Trinidad who have been complaining of no water supply will receive relief soon. Responding to a question in the Senate from Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge, Hinds said the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) recently increased production at its Pt Lisas plant by approximately 2 million gallons daily.

He added that WASA is, “increasing production at its Caroni and Hollis water treatment plants and Hillsborough water treatment plant in Tobago by approximately 11.3 million gallons daily.” In this context, Hinds said, “WASA will be taking steps to re-distribute available supplies to meet demands to customers all over TT, including Penal and the area referred to by my friend.” Saying this was part of Government’s strategy to ensure a more equitable and sustainable water supply to all communities in the country, Hinds said, “It is expected there will be an impact on service within the next three or four days in these areas.

Hinds also said WASA will be issuing its list of revised water schedules this week and citizens are advised to institute water conservation measures, “for the remainder of the dry season.” Senate President Christine Kangaloo subsequently approved a request by Opposition Senator Gerald Ramdeen to debate the water shortage in certain communities in TT as a matter on the adjournment of the Senate.


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