Trinidad safe against cyber attacks

The statement revealed that operating systems within Gov- NeTT were being reviewed by the system’s developer and partner company, Fujitsu for potentially vulnerable Windows systems operating in the network.

The review involves a bit-by-bit analysis of the system’s software and security capabilities which may help spread the malware, based on the findings obtained from these analyses, Fujitsu is prepared to execute emergency-change orders to the infected system to treat with any threats and repair flaws in the system which may occur. This attack comes just one week after it was revealed in the Lower House that Government had saved an estimated $2.5 million in negotiating a with software company Symantec, for improved End-point security software, ensuring greater protection for computers and software throughout the public service.

The Ministry of Public Utilities and Communications urges public servants and private citizens to be cautious on the internet, noting that cyber criminals are finding newer and more clever tactics of attacking corporate networks and private computer systems to obtain information


"Trinidad safe against cyber attacks"

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