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Wednesday 16 January 2019
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Hinds: I offered to go to AG’s Office

FITZGERALD Hinds, who earlier this week was moved from the post of Public Utilities Minister to that of junior Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, yesterday revealed it was he who volunteerd to be demoted from a full minister to that of a minister within a ministry .

“About two months ago, I went to the Prime Minister (Dr Keith Rowley) and volunteered for this job, because I want to do something .

He agreed with me. He told me he will do it at the end of June and I am quite happy and willing to join the AG and the Government to deal with (crime).” Hinds shared the story behind his June 29 portfolio change during his contribution to debate on a Private Members Motion entitled, ‘Rising Crime Epidemic’, in the Lower House. He also referenced his new role while arguing the point that “enforcement is key” in the fight against crime. Hinds spoke of an incident in Miami, Florida, in which a policeman was said to have lost an arm while illegally feeding an alligator .

“A police lieutenant in Miami saw the signs, “Don’t feed these alligators”, in the Miami Everglades .

This happened last year, I took good note of it. He went and broke the law and fed them. One of them took off his left hand clean and while he was in the hospital...a lieutenant eh, while he was in the hospital waiting to be discharged, he found himself under police guard and as he walked out, he was charged for breaking that law and he lost his job.” Hinds lamented that were this to happen in Trinidad, “People would say, ‘Well he done lose he hand already’ and the police might walk away. Law enforcement is critical and that’s one of the issues that we have to work on. That’s one of the issues that my new responsibilities permit me to pay some attention to.” The Laventille West Member of Parliament (MP) later encouraged his fellow citizens to do as he does and report crimes when they learn of them. As he urged them to follow his example and “if something comes to your attention, deal with it,” a male Opposition MP was heard saying “And yet you still get demoted.” Hinds immediately responded, saying “I hear my friend talking about demotion. Well let me tell you, in the words of Freddie Mc- Gregor, when big ships go sailing in the ocean, we don’t need no promotion!” As his Government colleagues laughed and thumped their desks in support, Hinds declared, “Rastafari! We don’t need no promotion!”


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