Team player Arielle wins alone

THE track and field team placed first in sports when the Bishop Anstey High School (St Hilary’s) hosted its annual awards ceremony at Queen’s Hall last week. The second place went to the hockey team and third place to the swimming team.

The Senior Sportswoman of the Year, Ayeisha Collymore (swimming), received the Keima Gardiner Challenge Trophy. While Arielle Williams, captain of the hockey team, received the Krystle Robinson Challenge Trophy for Junior Sportswoman of the Year, for hockey, a team sport where an individual player will rarely ever win the overall Sportsman/Woman of the Year title.

Strangely enough, Keima Gardiner was the Senior Sportswoman of the Year (hockey) 2003/2004. Ironically, 15-year-old Arielle who has taken part in nearly every sport, finally chose hockey because she found that in track and field "when you lose, you lose alone." Not for one minute thinking that she would win alone in a team sport.

The BAHS Form Three student who stands 5 feet 8 ins tall represented Bishop Anstey Junior School in football, swimming, track and field, and chess — winning the one tournament she entered but says "it was too nerdy."

She had also tried her hand at cricket, tennis and taekwando, before settling on hockey which she started while in junior school and was a member of Ian Harris’ hockey school for beginners for four years.

On entering secondary school, Arielle finally settled on competitive hockey as her sport of choice.

Little did she know that when she decided to play for Ventures Hockey Club about one year ago, that Harris would be her club coach.

The attacker plays for Ventures under 21, Trinity and Championship teams, and toured New Jersey last August with the club. Williams has played from Form One on the BAHS under 21 and under 15 teams, and won awards in 2004/2005 in the secondary schools competitions for most goals, most valuable player, best attacker, and outstanding player in a recent tournament in the sister isle.


"Team player Arielle wins alone"

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