Haile going places

WHAT started out as fun and adventure for Haile Phillip is now earning him a reputation as an up and coming male model on the national and regional modelling circuit.

"My part time modelling career started off as a bit of fun and adventure for me," he said, "because I was interested and curious about how the industry worked. I also thought it was a great means of meeting some girls along the way." Phillip, 26, from Sangre Grande, has done several successful modelling projects here and in Barbados.

"Locally, I’ve done the TSTT mpower television advertisement which was filmed with a lot of local scenes," he said, "and I’ve done two magazine spreads for the national fashion and music publication, Abstract magazine."

(Abstract Magazine is the twin company to the locally based fashion agency Fairgrounds International of which Phillip is contracted to for four years. His agent is Anthony Gomez.)

The athletically built model has also appeared in two Barbadian newspaper advertisements, one for a hotel and the other for a restaurant.

Additionally, he recently did a fashion shoot for a Barbadian clothes designer.

What also makes modelling appealing to Phillip is that he gets to meet many different people, some of them celebrities and club managers. Furthermore, he receives VIP treatment at the local and Barbadian clubs that he’s visited.

"Recently, I’ve received two offers to do some modelling work with a British fashion agency in London, England, so I’m looking forward to that."

Although he loves modelling, he realises the importance of getting a good education, thus he is actively pursuing his studies in business management at the Institute of Training and Development (INTAD), Frederick Street, Port-of-Spain.

"I recently started doing the course and I’m liking it so far," he said, "and once I’ve completed this business course, I’ll move onto doing my Bachelors degree at university. Now, I may do it in the University of the West Indies or England but that depends on my male modelling prospects, both in the West Indies or England."

He said his studies would not suffer if he gets a contract in Britain because he has the study material and syllabus. "And I’ll be doing it on online while I’m away," said Phillip, "besides, I’ve studied on my own before and succeeded."

Despite living on his own, travelling between Trinidad and Barbados and studying for his course, he’s still tries to stay close to his family.

"I’m close to my parents, Edmund Phillip and Annie Brown and my five sisters and four brothers," he said. Besides modelling, he loves sports, especially football and basketball.

"I’m supporting the ‘Warriors’ to do well in this year’s Germany Football World Cup and I’ve always liked Italy and Manchester United."

Challenges do not scare Phillip and male modelling and business are two of the most demanding jobs around but he is determined to succeed at them, despite the odds.


"Haile going places"

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